Exhale Women’s Fellowship Inc. created a program designed to empower women with the career development and entrepreneurship skills required to sustain them and their families.  When planning this organization and having known Janice and her work, I asked that she serve on my Advisory Council in developing the program. She graciously accepted and as we discussed and developed the program, we determined that if these women were to reach their full potential, they would need to learn from the best and I can say unequivocally she is…

Janice is a phenomenal presenter and instructor.  She creates an environment that challenges you to look within and find your personal best, enhance upon and present it to the world with confidence.  You are your best salesperson because you know the product.  When you leave her seminars it is with increased self-worth knowing that you have value and any employer should be pleased to have you.

The program has proven successful and continues to grow and develop with Janice as one of our key presenters and head of our Advisory Council. The input from the participant is nothing less than 5-stars each and every time. She is truly versed and gifted in her talent and to her platform is worth its weight in gold!

Sonya L. Howard, CTFA, MBA Program Manager, Women of Distinction Financial Empowerment Program