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Staying Power: The Three P's That Will Keep You At P.E.A.K. Performance

Getting to the top is one thing, but how do you stay there? As we achieve success it can sometimes become difficult to find that next motivation and to set that next stretch goal. Janice has successfully leveraged the three P framework: Purpose, Process, Product in overcoming this challenge in her career as a leader, executive, and entrepreneur as well as in her personal life. She will share this framework with you and provide tools and techniques keep you at P.E.A.K. performance!

Participants Will Learn:

  • The importance of the Three P’s and how to use them
  • The need for relentless pursuit of a goal/vision
  • How to remain relevant as corporate goals and priorities evolve

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Janice Coleman Keynote: Staying Power

What People Are Saying

Keynotes: Participant Feedback

“Janice is a wonderful combination of brilliant in business, very funny and extremely insightful – all the elements you want in a speaker and presenter.”

Monique Berry, National President

“Janice is an extremely knowledgeable career coach who simply understands how to ‘prepare people to perform’ in a very competitive work environment. Her services are of the highest quality and are delivered with an un-compromised commitment to excellence.”

Ricardo Carpenter, Senior Solutions Account Executive

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