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Turning Your World Right Side Up!

Janice knows that everyone hits bumps in the road. Like any moving thing, if hit on several sides in succession, it can cause a derailment. Derailments are not always the easiest things to recover from. If you are derailed and your life feels like it’s upside down, it’s time to run the tide. This program is based on Janice’s upcoming book: “Turn Your World Right Side Up!”. By the yard it’s hard. By the inch it’s a cinch! janice will take you step by step to the recovery you are seeking to gain the momentum you eed to win at your hand in this life.

Participants Will Learn:

  • To gain equilibrium in your world
  • How to identify the ‘Must Do’s’ and get them done
  • Strategies to realign your direction in life
  • The power to say ‘Yes!’ to your own happiness

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Janice Coleman Keynote: Overcoming Adversity

What People Are Saying

Keynotes: Participant Feedback

“Janice is truly amazing. Having her as my career coach was one of the best things I’ve ever done. She has had a profound effect on me both personally and professionally. Janice remains a calm, focused, and centered individual even in the midst of the fiercest storm.”

Joslyn Lewis, Assistant to the Executive Director & Board Liaison
Wikimedia Foundation

“Janice is a polished professional and leader with a flair and commitment to help individuals and companies maximize their potential.”

Dr. Jo Anne White, Author, Speaker, Radio Host, Professional Coach
Dr. Jo Anne White Consulting Services

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