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Are You H.Y.P.E.?

Are you Harnessing Your Potential Every Day (H.Y.P.E.)? Janice remembers studying Physics when she was in high school. There is a law that explains two types of energy – Kinetic and Potential. The difference is simple. One is in motion and the other is not. She has learned that it is a good thing to hear that a 5 year old or a 15 year old has potential but when a person is 50 years old, hearing that they have great potential may not be the most flattering thing. It’s time to ‘Go Kinetic’! Janice will provide you with tools and strategies to help you get yourself in gear!

Participants Will Learn:

  • The difference in kinetic and potential energy and its impact on their life’s achievement
  • What harnessing their potential can mean to their success
  • What might be standing in the way of their accomplishing their dreams
  • The three things they need to do to make possibilities realities
  • The purpose of having H.Y.P.E. ideas on a daily basis

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