Career Triage© is a concept developed to help professionals who are unemployed, underemployed or looking to making a career change. If think your career is in the Emergency Room and you want to keep it from going to the morgue… you need the ultimate ready remedy. You need Career Triage©. Its components are Resume Rescue, Resume Recovery, Interview Infusion and Networking Nutrition.

Resume Rescue© is an overview of what a 21st Century Resume© and is instructive regarding how to fix what’s already there. The overview will guide the client/workshop attendee through the steps necessary to know what can and should be done to their own resume. This session is typically done in a group workshop or as a one-time review on an individual basis.

Resume Recovery© is an industry review and targeted redo of an individual’s resume based on the individual’s career plans/direction. This is usually done as part of a career coaching package.

Interview Infusion© the process of infusing the client/workshop attendee with the information and confidence that it takes to be a STAR in an interview The art of negotiating is cover in this component.

Networking Nutrition© covers how to build a thriving/helpful network and how to put it to work during your job search.

Self-Marketing Meds© is the power that runs the engine. You will receive a powerful customized job search strategy and consultation(s) that will propel you to your NEXT job/career of choice. “Self-marketing” techniques and how to leverage professional assets are covered in this component.

Career Triage has helped professionals/students from the classroom to the Board room to find satisfaction in their choosen fields. Many NOW have the job they love and the one that loves them.

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