Presenting with Polish

Are you a person that delivers presentations in your profession? To potential clients? Co-workers? Superiors? Do you want to be more comfortable in front of the room? In my years delivering presentations, I have had a lot experiences in preparation for and the actual being in front of audiences. Some good. Some not so good. Here’s something that can help you:

One of the three standards – know your subject. To the extent that you have to give a presentation(stay within the timeframe provided), your confidence level will be extremely high as you stand in front of your audience fully prepared with as much information as you can garner about your subject. No one will ever know everything but YOU need to be close to it. You will not be able to share all of what you know but be equipped. If you are asked a question and you don’t know an answer, be transparent promising to provide the answer as soon as you can. That should be the exception and not the rule.

Be the Best!

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