Staying Power – Part Two

In order to have continuous growth both personally and professionally, I am convinced that everyone needs to have the right partners. There may be very few people/organizations that are a candidate for an effective partnership but nonetheless partnerships are to be sought out and valued when found.

I believe that partnerships transcend networking. The word and the activity of networking may have become more mechanical especially with the marketplace being what it is today. I am not talking about loading your Blackberry with hundreds of names. I am referring to having people and strategic alliances/organizations on YOUR side that would go into battle with you. If the fight started, turning around would you see them gearing up? Or taking off? Partnerships! That is not to say that everyone is going to be there through the thick and the thin. Some relationships are not built for that. And it would serve each person to understand where each relationship stands so that there is no disappointment to be had when it gets ugly out there.

In ’Staying Power’, I mentioned the phrase ‘joint power’. This is the strength of multiple entities lifting/carrying one load. Two horses can move 9,000 lbs. That means that four horses should be able to move 18,000 lbs. Right? Well, four horses can move 30,000 lbs. What a difference! The combined efforts of multiple entities moving in the same direction, with the same passion and at the same time can literally move mountains.

Who are your partners? Who are you designed to help and who is designed to help you? You were not intended to lift everything alone although it may feel that. There are some great partners to be had. Put up your antennas and search them out. In order to garner your STAYING POWER, you must build right partnerships!

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