Staying Power – Part Three

So what if the changes that you need don’t happen as quickly as you would have liked? That seems to be the case quite often in my opinion. Holding fast to the goal and not giving up is a critical part of having Staying Power. We all have done it and should pat ourselves on the back for making it this far. The key is to stay on TARGET with the goal in mind.

At the start of the race it would be terrible to look at what you have in your hands to only find that it’s not what you planned! PERSEVERANCE is the next key to Staying Power that I want to highlight. I know firsthand that keeping it moving is a very hard thing to do. The money is not there! The human resources are not there! The people you thought would – won’t! On and on!

If there’s one thing that will slow you down to a crawl, it is the mounting up of disappointments. Well, get in line. We all experience them. A friend of mine shared a common term in football called YAC’s. That means Yards After Contact. How many yards a player can gain after he has been HIT!!! It’s one of the MILLIONs of statistics that are kept in the NFL. I had to ask myself, ‘What is my YAC?’ When a client cancels, when a program doesn’t go well or when I am delayed on the delivering a proposal… What are my YAC’s? Do I keep it moving beyond that point of the pressure? Or am I waylaid – stalled at the gate? Do I PERSERVERE?

We may feel that whatever we are seeking to accomplish is a very difficult feat. We should be reminded of the millions of people who have done great and small things over the course of time. What you are doing deserves its chance for manifestation. In order to garner your STAYING POWER, you and I must persevere – making it to the end.

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