Staying Power – Part One

Many of us are being affected by what’s happening in today’s marketplace. And that’s unfortunate. The real question becomes how do we make it to the other side? Whatever that ‘other side’ is. We can make it! Many millionaires have been birthed out of hard times. Now, I am not touting that we all should be millionaires. But that would be nice. What I am touting is the fact people can make it and some will make it big! That could be you and me!!!

A dear friend reminded me of a presentation I delivered recently – ‘Staying Power’! Getting to where we need to be. We all have it in side of us. And we need to reach down deep to bring it to the surface. It will do us well when we feel the push and pull of the challenges of life. There are many ingredients to staying the course when it’s not easy to do. Here is the first of three keys that I talked about in my presentation – Purpose.

A person has to have a stated purpose for which they strive of a daily basis. Establishing a practice of consistent personal leadership will help with that. We need to know where we are going or at the end of our life we will not really done what we have been designed to do. That would be tragic. I am not given to ‘fear’ per se. SO let me just say that I am ‘DEEPLY CONCERNED’ that I say on task to know my purpose and the fulfillment thereof! Some people struggle with knowing their ‘purpose’ and if that’s you, let me offer a way of starting on that path.

You can consider what you do well, your core competency, and just use it to benefit others and yourself. That’s a way to start. You should begin to see it grow/develop into something that brings you great satisfaction and pride. You could become ‘known’ in your circles for it. It may grow beyond your circles but let just begin there. Do not slight yourself by thinking that if you are not a Martin Luther King then your dream doesn’t matter. All dreams start in the infancy stage. So don’t be stifled by the size of the purpose/dream.

In order to garner your STAYING POWER, you must have your purpose in mind!

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