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The Business Excellence Forum (BEF) is designed to create a Culture that succeeds in the arena of business by providing a mutually beneficial environment to cultivate strong business alliances and disseminate information critical to the development of increasingly profitable businesses.

Let’s get Un- S.T.U.C.K.©. Be AMAZING. Be AUTHENTIC. REVEAL your BRILLIANCE. Each forum will feature an insightful and inspiring presentation by a successful expert in their field. You should be there!

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Janice Coleman is a 20-year veteran that brings a tremendous amount of energy, experience, and insight to every speaking engagement. Described as haivng “a rare combination of elegance and power that positively illuminates wherever she appears”, this dynamic speaker will entertain, educate, and inspire your audience. Well respected among her peers, Pat Rocchi a fellow Speaker, Writer, and Coach remarked:

” I recently saw Janice take the stage at a Toastmaster conference, and I was reminded of how effectively she commands a room, even among her fellow speakers. She has a rare combination of elegance and power that positively illuminates wherever she appears. Janice delivered a presentation on “staying power,” and how to keep on course toward a challenging goal. She relayed her three “P Keys” of staying power (Purpose, Partnerships and Perseverance), and I was absolutely energized and inspired by the time she finished, wanting more. I am confident that Janice will deliver the same level of energy and motivation for whomever hires her.”

Business Excellence Forum 2013

What People Are Saying

Keynotes: Participant Feedback

“Janice very quickly earned my respect and admiration for her skills in communication and leadership as well as her gifts for inspiring people with her considerable speaking skills, and being a role model for professionalism and caring service to people.”

Dilip Abayasekara, International President
Toastmasters International


“Janice, thank you. As always your speech was mellifluous! Your logic, your transitions, your words – even your pauses all flowed so well. It’s great to haveyou show we can all grow to become if we, too, practice.”

E. Carpenter, Senior Engineering Manager


“Janice is a world class public speaker and a dynamic leader who I aspire to emulate. I am proud to call Janice my associate and my friend.”

Gregory J. Bartz, Senior Staff Project Specialist
Lockheed Martin Corporation