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How many do you need???

How many people do you need to believe in you? I asked my 17-year old son that question today and his response??? One. Absolutely! We have to believe in us. And when we do, the biggest battle is over somehow. We learn to look for our identity in society, our friends, our family, our government and so on. Who do...
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Lupita – Beauty that Inflames the Heart

Lupita - Beauty that Inflames the Heart Lupita Nyong’o has taken the world by storm in a unique way. This talented actress from Kenya, Africa, stepped onto the world stage in the movie 12 Years a Slave and left with an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Her extremely articulate acceptance speech is to be admired. Read more

The Science of Body Language and Executive Presence (EP)

Your body language and gestures say more than 80% of what people actually glean from you.  This is observed either as you presence your ideas or participate in a general conversation.  How then can you become unconsciously competent about your communications style? Let’s start with a little explanation of terms. There are many different psychology and...
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