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Professional Visibility

Presenting with Polish

Are you a person that delivers presentations in your profession? To potential clients? Co-workers? Superiors? Do you want to be more comfortable in front of the room? In my years delivering presentations, I have had a lot experiences in preparation for and the actual being in front of audiences. Some good. Some not so good....
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The Science of Body Language and Executive Presence (EP)

Your body language and gestures say more than 80% of what people actually glean from you.  This is observed either as you presence your ideas or participate in a general conversation.  How then can you become unconsciously competent about your communications style? Let’s start with a little explanation of terms. There are many different psychology and...
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Hitting Critical Mass

Hitting critical mass is a very good thing. Recently, one of my career clients hit it in full stride! What happened? My client was in transition! Surprised? Of course not. And the client was in transition for several years. Being in the Informational Technology was daunting because it seemed as though everyone in IT was back in the marketplace. And it always seems like your field is the most crowded when you are ‘looking’.

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Using Social Media For Your Career

Most of us are engaged in the job market. Passively or actively. If you’re unemployed, it’s a given – you are actively seeking a job. But, if you are employed, the acid test is whether or not you’d go to a job interview if you received a call for the ‘dream job’. If you put on your interview best and show up with a resume – you are passively seeking. That being said, how you handle the use of social media can be very helpful to you as you plan and manage your career.

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