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Uplevel Your Career: One Circle at a Time

I saw this image on LinkedIn several weeks ago. It brought back memories. This photo is called ikigai(a-kee-gay-eye) in Japanese. When I worked at an international outplacement firm we used the 'three-circle' approach. The reality is, if you love what you do and do it well and could get paid for it, but nobody needs...
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Career Triage – What Works for Job Seekers?

Career Triage One of the greatest keys to a good job search is knowing the goal. It is one thing to start putting your resume everywhere where it will stick. But what is the goal? I always ask clients for clarification so that we are not spinning our wheels. The dynamics of the type of job...
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Still In The Game…

When I am working with professionals who are in a career transition, it’s great to see them begin to re-engage hope, especially in the face of this economic repositioning of the entire world. One such woman I worked with for several months is the greatest testimony yet. She had been with her company for well over 20 years. Although she was an accomplished professional in a highly in-demand industry, she did not trust that she would be able make a go at this job search ‘thing’.

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