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Hitting Critical Mass

Hitting critical mass is a very good thing. Recently, one of my career clients hit it in full stride! What happened? My client was in transition! Surprised? Of course not. And the client was in transition for several years. Being in the Informational Technology was daunting because it seemed as though everyone in IT was back in the marketplace. And it always seems like your field is the most crowded when you are ‘looking’.

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On Fire

Jean de la Fontaine is noted as saying, ‘Man is so made that whenever anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish’. Anyone who has studied human nature will attest to this. A person will rise and go beyond the call of duty (supererogation) when impassioned by what they believe and believe in. How does this apply to career management?

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Your Job Search At Critical Mass

How’s the job search going? Have you hit critical mass yet? Don’t get discouraged! Everyone has tried to do something or be something. And the bottom line – it takes time! It’s just like planting a garden or crops. Everything has its own gestation period. The job search is the same.

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What Are You Leveraging???

Here are just a few thoughts about leverage. Webster says that leverage is use of credit in order to improve your speculative capacity. Okay, that might be a bit intense. I remember in physics we learned about simple machines (contraptions we made with pulleys and levers). The learning about the use of these machines were intended to teach us that using one thing could make the moving of another much easier.

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