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Details of a Job Search

Career Triage Career Triage is about helping professionals bring their best to the marketplace. I worked with a recent college grad who after working me can now articulate his professional goals and direction. It is not uncommon even among 'seasoned' professionals that the 'details' of the job search are not clear. If they are not clear...
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Career Triage – What Works for Job Seekers?

Career Triage One of the greatest keys to a good job search is knowing the goal. It is one thing to start putting your resume everywhere where it will stick. But what is the goal? I always ask clients for clarification so that we are not spinning our wheels. The dynamics of the type of job...
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Hitting Critical Mass

Hitting critical mass is a very good thing. Recently, one of my career clients hit it in full stride! What happened? My client was in transition! Surprised? Of course not. And the client was in transition for several years. Being in the Informational Technology was daunting because it seemed as though everyone in IT was back in the marketplace. And it always seems like your field is the most crowded when you are ‘looking’.

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Job Search At Critical Mass – Success Stories

Critical mass in the job search is all about doing everything you can and should be doing until you have enough in the pipeline to begin to see more and more positive responses/activity. It may take a while. I’d like to share two, not so unusual, stories that led to success.

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