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Displaced Worker

Hitting Critical Mass

Hitting critical mass is a very good thing. Recently, one of my career clients hit it in full stride! What happened? My client was in transition! Surprised? Of course not. And the client was in transition for several years. Being in the Informational Technology was daunting because it seemed as though everyone in IT was back in the marketplace. And it always seems like your field is the most crowded when you are ‘looking’.

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Get Fired Up!

In the midst of a job search? Are you hitting a lull? That’s never a good thing. What’s the best way to blast pass that? Get fired up!!!

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Steps To Handle Job Search Stress

If you are in search of a job, you could very well be experiencing stress. That’s right – stress! Make no mistake about it. You should be spending between 25 and 35 hours per week in your job search. If you are not, you may know something that the rest of us don’t know. Or you have the magic pill for landing a job. Chances are when the week is over, your brain is still going. Herein is the opportunity for more stress to mount.

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