Spaghetti on the Side

There’s a lot to branding that the naked eye may never see. Often times we learn the hard way. I encountered a client who wanted me but not my ‘brand’. She wanted me to do the work she needed done but she wanted to dictate how I did what I do. That’s a hard spot to be in. Is the customer always right?

I was torn with regard to how to handle this. We had to part ways. The question was ‘How should this be approached so that the integrity of my ‘Brand’ stayed in place’? My eldest son shared a story about one of his previous employers. He worked at a very specialized Italian restaurant in Philadelphia. A customer came in and had no idea about the niche of this restaurant. They asked for this and that, nothing close to what this establishment served. But yet to the customer it was an ‘Italian’ restaurant and these were ‘Italian’ dishes. The staff that night sought to ‘please’ the customer. They PULLED something together which was tantamount to ‘sketi and  meatballs’ if you will. The customer was happy. The next day, to the dismay and shock of the staff, the owner was not happy. He strongly informed the staff that this is NOT ‘THAT’ kinda restaurant! And if they want ‘this or that’ they should go to ‘THAT’ kinda restaurant! Well needless to say, the staff was well informed and set straight!

The moral to me? We, as product and service providers, should create our BRAND and stand behind it 110%. Kindly inform those would demand ‘sketi and meatballs’ that they can get that just not from us. That stance will hurt at first but it will serve us well in the long run!

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