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What is Your Greatest Asset?

Recently, I asked an audience a series of questions. I asked “How many of us have a home?”. A lot of folks raised their hands. Then I asked, “How many of us have a car?”. More folks raised their hands. Raising my hand, I then asked, “Do you carry insurance for these things?”. Well, you...
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Uplevel Your Career: One Circle at a Time

I saw this image on LinkedIn several weeks ago. It brought back memories. This photo is called ikigai(a-kee-gay-eye) in Japanese. When I worked at an international outplacement firm we used the 'three-circle' approach. The reality is, if you love what you do and do it well and could get paid for it, but nobody needs...
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Details of a Job Search

Career Triage Career Triage is about helping professionals bring their best to the marketplace. I worked with a recent college grad who after working me can now articulate his professional goals and direction. It is not uncommon even among 'seasoned' professionals that the 'details' of the job search are not clear. If they are not clear...
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