Your Job Search At Critical Mass

How’s the job search going? Have you hit critical mass yet? Don’t get discouraged! Everyone has tried to do something or be something. And the bottom line – it takes time! It’s just like planting a garden or crops. Everything has its own gestation period. The job search is the same.

If you have been doing the right things, you will ultimately see the results. Resumes. Phone calls. Lunches. Networking events. Informational meetings. Internet searches. They add up. There will come a point of what I call critical mass. All of a sudden, you will have a mounting number of activities leading up to the ONE employer that you need. And you only need one! Remember that.

So if things seem slow – do something! Get on the phone and set up a time to meet that person you’ve really wanted to talk to. I know, I know. It’s not that easy but it can be. I work with people all the time who thought the last thing they’d ever do is ask for HELP! And now they are in the position to help others.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to plan your work. But it is more important to work your plan. The effort you put into will be your proof. Granted there are those people who don’t really have to work hard. I just haven’t met many of them. Most of us, in order to get to the next level – the next job, have to do SOMETHING! We all have to contribute to our success.

Right now if you are seeking a career move of any sort, you need to do something to facilitate that happening. That is if it is going to be more sooner than later. I heard about two newly graduated gentlemen from a local university. They listened to Pomp and Circumstance one day and a week later they set themselves at the base of the highway off ramp with resumes in hand. I AM NOT telling anyone to do this! In short, though, the next weeks were packed with interviews and offers of one magnitude or another. You can’t beat their courage and enthusiasm. I would probably not have been that drastic but who knows.

What will you this week to further your cause? I am leaving this computer right now to go present at an association’s meeting! That’s what I’m doin’.

All the best ~ Janice

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