What is Your Greatest Asset?

Recently, I asked an audience a series of questions. I asked “How many of us have a home?”. A lot of folks raised their hands. Then I asked, “How many of us have a car?”. More folks raised their hands. Raising my hand, I then asked, “Do you carry insurance for these things?”. Well, you can probably guess that EVERYONE in the room nodded and raised their hands in agreement. Janice! Ofcourse they would, you say! Right. We then had a brief discussion about this. I led the conversation to the point of asking the ‘why’. The general consensus was that because these were ASSETS they MUST BE PROTECTED! EXACTLY!

“Are these your BIGGEST assets?”, I probbed. Most thought yes.

Well, an asset is something that is OWNED by a person or company that is available for use to meet a need or obligation OR to generate income/revenue.

I’d like to suggest to you what I am convinced of…

In the truest sense of the word ‘asset’, neither a car nor any real estate, except ourEQUITY in it or that it is OWNED outright, can be considered an asset.


For most people, the asset that SUPPORTS our ability to HAVE things that we enjoy isour ABILITY to generate INCOME and REVENUE as a professional person. OurCAREER!


The faces in the audience CHANGED! Wow! There’s a thought!

Indeed, our ability to generate the resources to buy the house AND the insurance for it is THE ASSET. Our responsibility is to ensure that we protect our ability to provide for ourselves and our loved ones. That should be an important thought in our heads. Our feature depends on it.

The question we should ask is, “What is it that we MUST do to insure this ASSET to ensure our FUTURE?”. That’s a BIG question. I am glad you asked!

Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers would open camp EVERY football season by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a football!”. What? What does that mean?Get back to the basics. Ladies and gentlemen, the marketplace is ever changing. Who can tell what the next big boom will be? One thing I know… We have to figure out how to stay in the game. And if we can’t do anything else, we can run our ground game. Here are a few things that I believe constitutes the ground game for insuring our careers:

  • Determine what you want to do in ‘segments’ of 5, 10 or 15 years or so. This might change but set some parameters for a start. Research industries and the various emerging segments within the industries that interest you.
  • Assess your employability by determining if your current skillset and education is current and on the leading edge of your industry. Plan for the appropriate upleveling of your skills. Invest in yourself. If your employer does not offer tuition reimbursement, some still do, cut back on the lattes! Buy a book. There’s a lot of things online. So much can be done in this area.
  • Improve your networking skills, build your network and support your network!
  • Be a Baller! If you are in SALES. Eat, sleep and drink sales! Do the WORK! There’s no other way to put it! Just do it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXsQAXx_ao0 Shia is such a Baller he didn’t even put a background over the green screen! HA! He just did it!

Among other efforts that you can make, these few will give you a start on strengthening your stakes in the marketplace. Your ability to generate INCOME and REVENUE is critical to your livelihood. It is one of your GREATEST ASSETS! No mistake about it! Do what you MUST do!


Here’s to a HEALTHY career!

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