What Are You Leveraging???

Here are just a few thoughts about leverage. Webster says that leverage is use of credit in order to improve your speculative capacity. Okay, that might be a bit intense. I remember in physics we learned about simple machines (contraptions we made with pulleys and levers). The learning about the use of these machines were intended to teach us that using one thing could make the moving of another much easier.

The more you could strategically use would make it easier to get a difficult task done. A great example of this is pulley structures used within elevators to move a lot of people up and down with a greater amount of ease. That being said, what do you leverage? Knowledge? Relationships? Money? Time? Social Media?

Are you being as effective as you could be? Maybe it is time to take an assessment of your ‘program’. What are you trying to accomplish and are the things you have in play working for you as well as they could be? A phone call to a person strategically positioned could minimize the time required to get a resume from your computer to a person who could hire you. Or another phone call could help you recover a lost file on your computer versus having to retype an entire research paper (this happened to a family member last week – not pretty).

I look at what I am leveraging and think it could be worse but I can definitely do a lot better. I am still working on it.

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