Using Social Media For Your Career

Most of us are engaged in the job market. Passively or actively. If you’re unemployed, it’s a given – you are actively seeking a job. But, if you are employed, the acid test is whether or not you’d go to a job interview if you received a call for the ‘dream job’. If you put on your interview best and show up with a resume – you are passively seeking. That being said, how you handle the use of social media can be very helpful to you as you plan and manage your career.

There are several sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook as well as Twitter that can be very useful to a professional person like yourself. Remember that the moment you create a profile you have started a ‘brand’. A global one! Handle it wisely. The world is watching. In perspective, though, may be not the whole world. But someone somewhere may see what you are doing. I believe that the impression you make matters. Manage it across the different sites if you decide to use more than one. Be congruent.

LinkedIn is the place where you can present your professional experience and establish a solid professional presence to be preferably updated periodically for visibility sake. There is where you can also connect with others on a collegial level. Facebook can be used to connect with others on a more personal (friends and family) although I do know people who have well-established professional relationships that have started on Facebook. But the ability to ‘view’ your network connectivity is limited on this site. You can also become a fan of companies in which you are interested to keep up on what’s happening with them. Twitter is useful to gather tidbits of information from a wide variety of sources in its network (helping you to stay in the know). You can ‘follow’ a target company or a person of interest if they are tweeting. On Facebook, I am already a fan of Bill Gates(over 102K fans) and Warren Buffett(over 26K fans).

Everyone has a different career goal. Consider whether or not a social media component will be useful for what you need to accomplish for your short- and long-term aspirations. If you are actively seeking a new employment opportunity remember that many talent acquisition professionals are using social media as a part of their search strategy. If they are, maybe you should too!

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