Uplevel Your Career: One Circle at a Time

I saw this image on LinkedIn several weeks ago. It brought back memories. This photo is called ikigai(a-kee-gay-eye) in Japanese. When I worked at an international outplacement firm we used the ‘three-circle’ approach. The reality is, if you love what you do and do it well and could get paid for it, but nobody needs it, you probably should not pursue it at this time. It is important to research what is happening in the marketplace. Stay up with your industry.

It is not easy to sort through the myriad of skills, likes, dislikes, loves, hates and passions that are who we have become. We have to decide what we want and need and then continue to work on how finding the ‘outlets’ we call ‘work’ to give us that opportunity.

Revisit. Renew. Restart.



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