There’s More To Social Media Than Meets The Eye!

Much of my time is spent working with people who are seking to land a new job or enhance their career. Both statuses can present levels of challenge. In the 21st Century there is way to reach out to a world that you may feel is beyond you. It seems like some feel that the social media phenomenon is not for them. That causes hesitation that can be overwhelming.

My experience with social media started with LinkedIn. Several of my friends sent me invitations. I dug my heels in and proclaimed that I did not want to ‘put my personal information’ out in cyber space. Well , I was told it’s alrady out there. So atleast there should be one place where the truth is being told. LOL!!!

I started to slowly build a LinkedIn account. Now, I actively help people prepare and update their LinkedIn accounts on a regular basis. I am also becoming more convinced that these social networking tools have advanced mechanisms for expanding your reach and strengthening your network. So jump in! You too may find that there’s more to social media than meets the eye!

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