Steps To Handle Job Search Stress

If you are in search of a job, you could very well be experiencing stress. That’s right – stress! Make no mistake about it. You should be spending between 25 and 35 hours per week in your job search. If you are not, you may know something that the rest of us don’t know. Or you have the magic pill for landing a job.
Chances are when the week is over, your brain is still going. Herein is the opportunity for more stress to mount.

It is important for the job seeker to plan to REST. As a matter of fact Richard Bolles, the foremost job search expert, noted in his book The Job-Hunter’s Survival Guide, one of the first things a new job seeker should get is some much needed SLEEP! YOU DESERVE IT!!! The temptation can be to go and keep going until you land a job. You need a plan that has real rest as a part of it.

I always suggest that a person whose job is now finding a fulltime job create a basic strategy. Here are several steps that will help.

1. Start on Sunday afternoon/evening identifying the week’s activities. This includes EVERYTHING! Calls, meetings, pick-ups/drop-offs(family activities increase during this time), seminars, interviews, correspondence review/mailings and the like. Block off these times on your calendar. An example would be times for reviewing the internet job sites results, schedule 1.5 hours/day in the mornings. That equates to 7.5 hours a week. Don’t forget time for eating, sleeping and exercise. Another important thing during this time is ‘we time’. This means family and friends!!! These times are very therapeutic. If family and/or friends are being negative during your job search, don’t talk about it. Be flexible in your scheduling – you never know what great thing may come up! (This is called planning your work)

2. Carry out your activities. Again, be flexible. You never know what may come up! (This is called working your plan)

3. On Friday afternoon/evening, evaluate your weekly activies. Pat yourself on the back for your progress and reconsider how to handle things that may not have been so successful. If you decide that you were going to call ten people on your contact list to let them know you are in a career transition (you blocked out two hours for this). But on Friday you found that only touched bases with six. Why? Talked too long? You need a script for contact calls and a timer. Avoided making the calls like the plague? You need to be more serious about your search than afraid of what people think. (This is called reviewing your plan)

4. Enjoy your weekend! Take a much deserved breather. (This is called forgetting about your plan)

5. Go back to step 1. (This is called being relentless to the landing of a new job opportunity)

The stress may not subside completely. There are many factors involved. But, it can be managed. Run your job search. Dont’ let it run you! In order to enjoy the success of your, you should remember to pace your efforts. Do not get overwhelmed over all that has to be done. It will get done! Happy job search!

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