On Fire

Jean de la Fontaine is noted as saying, ‘Man is so made that whenever anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish’. Anyone who has studied human nature will attest to this. A person will rise and go beyond the call of duty (supererogation) when impassioned by what they believe and believe in. How does this apply to career management?

Well, as we are in the marketplace, with or without a job, our fire and passion should be communicated to those around us. And it will be! Passion for something is demonstrated by how it makes us, the one impassioned, act and relate to others. You will seem to be on fire when you LOVE your job. Or when you are great at what you do and you find yourself having the opportunity to share that – YOU WILL! And it will be memorable.

So in an interview or networking situation, let the passion show. Taking your passion and enthusiasm into an interview is translated into what can be an exciting meeting. MSNBC contributor, Eve Tahmincioglu, elaborates in her article, In A Job Interview, Passion Packs A Punch. Turning it on makes a difference. But, I caution you to be yourself. If you turn on more that what you can maintain you will seem like Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. Even worst – BOTH!!!

It is important for a company representative to see a level of interest in the job opportunity at-hand. And you have got to show them right then! Be prepared by knowing yourself as well as alot about the job as possible. Also research the company and the industry for a fully empowered arsenal for your encounter with the interviewer. Be ready to have a ‘conversation’ about who you are and how you can fit into what the company needs. You need to connect and your excitement will help to make that happen.

In like manner, wherever you are involved, your ‘brand’ should be one of passion and competency around what you do. This will ‘leverage’ space in the minds of those you know and meet. This will take you far in your network. It is said that your network will determine your net worth. Is that true? Statistics show that people who are good at networking have a far better chance of making more money. Networking seems to give an inside track. So turn on the passion and engage a network and that will make some things happen for you.

Fire in natural situations is all consuming. It will do the same in the context of your career. Have you ever heard people say ‘set yourself on fire and people will come and watch you burn’? Do you know any one who is crazy about what they do and when you talk with them for short while, the flames are there? Is that you? Do you have the passion? Think about it. How can you begin to convey your enthusiasm anew?

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