Keep the Heat UP on Your Job Search!


When it started to HEAT UP in Philly, it was a real SCORCHER! How about 98° in the shade! Right now it has cooled down a bit, but I hope that your job search temp is still  up? A few posts back I mentioned that the summer is a great time to conduct a job search. I hope yours is not cooling off! Do you want to turn up the heat? Here are some HOT suggestions to keep you going… All the way to offer

  •  Look back on all of your job search alerts for the job boards like Indeed, Ladders, and CareerBuilder. It may be time to revamp your criteria. If you are getting a hodge podge of job alerts for positions that don’t make sense, CHANGE them. Don’t just keep deleting the emails. Take your time and go through them and make them work for you. TWEAK. TWEAK. TWEAK.
  • Are you working with any recruiters? Connect with one or two of them for coffee. Spend a few minutes in front of them and hear what’s happening in the marketplace. By the way, freshen your resume and send them a copy before you meet with them.
  • While you are at it, send that updated resume to ten of colleagues/friends. Call them and reintrodue your search to them. Ask for selected referrals!
  • Take a class. In or out of your field. If you can’t go high expense, find out what you can learn online. Or buy a book. Kindle anyone?
  • Network on purpose. If you need better connections, be a better connection. Call five people, see how they are doing and ask how you might be able to help them in their professional endeavors. Just let them know you are available. Most will probably be ‘cautious’, some will say they don’t need anything. No strings attached. You can do that.
  • Do you have what I call a Dynamic Networking Intro(c)? Some call it an elevator speech. I like my title better. <smile> Is it hot or not? Can you fire it off in 30-45 seconds? Brush up and get out there and use it!!!
  • Change your thinking about your job search. Not just that you NEED a job. Envision that company that is missing the opportunity to have their next GREAT employee! YOU!!! Develop the dialogue you need to have that conveys why you are the ingredient for their success. Energize your attitude with this dialogue.
  • Don’t be discouraged. Recommit yourself to a target date for landing your new job and GO ALL OUT. Tell ten people. Keep the promise to yourself by doing everything possible to make it happen.
  • Watch this! Just Do it!

Turn the Heat Up!

Here’s to a Healthy Career!

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