Get Fired Up!

In the midst of a job search? Are you hitting a lull? That’s never a good thing. What’s the best way to blast pass that? Get fired up!!!

Many people that I work with will hit a lull at some time or another. And it could be for any number of reasons. So – you are not alone. What are you going to do about it? Get fired up!

If you need a shot in the arm, here it is! Find a networking event to go to. Or call a friend/acquaintance and catch something to eat. You may need to talk openly about where you are in your job search, ask for their advice and then listen intently! The job market seems to be at a plateau. It’s almost like the stock market. There has only been a little give each way. But, you may need to make headway now. Are you familiar with any temp agencies in your field of expertise? Connect with them and find out if there are any opportunities to work with them. Start making waves. Your energy and efforts will begin to make other things happen.
This is just a little bit because I have not been writing for a while. More to come!

All the best,

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