Hitting Critical Mass

Hitting critical mass is a very good thing. Recently, one of my career clients hit it in full stride! What happened? My client was in transition! Surprised? Of course not. And the client was in transition for several years. Being in the Informational Technology was daunting because it seemed as though everyone in IT was back in the marketplace. And it always seems like your field is the most crowded when you are ‘looking’.

So with resume in hand and online, he approached his industry. And faced what many face in the beginning – the cyber-crickets! Sending resumes out and hearing nothing back is not a surprise. Or at least it shouldn’t be. Why? Because I told you it would happen. Over the course of months, my client had a very spotty response, because that’s how it often is in the beginning. Don’t be in despair. This is how it goes for most people.

He then started hyping up the networking and this, we believe, is what made the difference! So, LinkedIn became a priority! Connecting with those he knew and some he didn’t know. I suggested that he add in networking and informational meetings. And the job search temperature began to rise. But, it was still not at a boiling point. But that was soon to come.

Some HR managers began to reach out to him based on his profile out on LinkedIn. It seems he turned a corner when he started helping others with their search! Amazing. The two weeks before he landed his new job, this client was invited to interview at several companies on the same day. His last free week was so packed, I think I overheard him ‘complaining’ that he was too busy! Wow!!!

When he received the offer, he had to negotiate the salary. That’s always scary. But, not as in every case, but in his, negotiating was necessary. It took several scary days for the potential employer to come back with the new offer. But they did!

When my client hit critical mass, it was challenging and rewarding to both him and me. As a professional, he was relieved that he was viable in the marketplace. As a consultant, I was glad to know that what we professionals teach actually works!

Be encouraged! All the best!


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