Being a Leader of One – Where Leadership Begins…

It’s been a busy year in the marketplace. There have been so many unexpected adjustments on every side. How have the successful professionals navigated the apparent impossible? Self leadership! Leadership is usually attributed the CEO, Director, Pastor, Manager or Athletic Coach. But, the very essence of leadership starts with people being able to give direction to their own lives in a way that will bring about success both personally and in the marketplace.

This is definitely not an easy task. A professional of 5 or more years probably has started or established some habits – good or bad. If these habits are not the best and they are more than likely being reinforced by repetition and corporate culture, they are things to overcome. It’s not impossible though.

Author and leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, has written quite a few books around this subject. The ultimate premise is that leadership begins with one. We are to exert our influence in a powerful and beneficial way. Yet, it begins with being able to harness and cultivate our own potential. It is then that we can reach out to others. So as we develop and grow we can be a useful support to someone else.

There are many newly authored books on the shelves, but I am going to reach back a bit to a book that I love – Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Dr. Stephen Covey. Dr. Covey’s step-by-step walk through how to become a proactive person who is more aware of life and its opportunities based on self-directed living is worthwhile reading. I love this book. It is about self-leadership!

The New Year is swiftly approaching. There are so many possibilities to ahead of us. Some who will read this post are forging ahead with great momentum in their lives. The career is gong well and the personal life is working okay. All is happy on the home front. There are others who may need a jolt in the arm since things may not going as they could. My suggestion to both categories of persons is to revitalize your self-leadership. As you consider all there is to come all of us can get better. We all have a tendency to reevaluate our lives around this time. Sadly, many set unrealistic goals at the very beginning of the year and give up in short order. That’s the recipe for a year of unfulfillment! It takes being realistic about where we want to be. If the career scene is not what it could be and you are entering into 2011 on the ‘bad foot’ (I have to give you this link reference James Brown’s ‘Get on the Good Foot’), then it’s time to switch up, but not with a resolution that will not make it pass January 31, 2011. Switch up with a serious resolve to plan your work AND work your plan. Even with wisdom and guidance available to us, we must be a purposeful leader of one!

There’s more to come in the NEW YEAR to help you fortify your self-leadership!

Have the Happiest Year ever!!!

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