Monthly Archives: December 2011

Staying Power – Part Three

So what if the changes that you need don’t happen as quickly as you would have liked? That seems to be the case quite often in my opinion. Holding fast to the goal and not giving up is a critical part of having Staying Power. We all have done it and should pat ourselves on the back for making it this far. The key is to stay on TARGET with the goal in mind.

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Staying Power – Part Two

In order to have continuous growth both personally and professionally, I am convinced that everyone needs to have the right partners. There may be very few people/organizations that are a candidate for an effective partnership but nonetheless partnerships are to be sought out and valued when found.

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Staying Power – Part One

Many of us are being affected by what’s happening in today’s marketplace. And that’s unfortunate. The real question becomes how do we make it to the other side? Whatever that ‘other side’ is. We can make it! Many millionaires have been birthed out of hard times. Now, I am not touting that we all should be millionaires. But that would be nice. What I am touting is the fact people can make it and some will make it big! That could be you and me!!!

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