Monthly Archives: December 2010

On Fire

Jean de la Fontaine is noted as saying, ‘Man is so made that whenever anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish’. Anyone who has studied human nature will attest to this. A person will rise and go beyond the call of duty (supererogation) when impassioned by what they believe and believe in. How does this apply to career management?

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Being a Leader of One – Where Leadership Begins…

It’s been a busy year in the marketplace. There have been so many unexpected adjustments on every side. How have the successful professionals navigated the apparent impossible? Self leadership! Leadership is usually attributed the CEO, Director, Pastor, Manager or Athletic Coach. But, the very essence of leadership starts with people being able to give direction to their own lives in a way that will bring about success both personally and in the marketplace.

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Job Search At Critical Mass – Success Stories

Critical mass in the job search is all about doing everything you can and should be doing until you have enough in the pipeline to begin to see more and more positive responses/activity. It may take a while. I’d like to share two, not so unusual, stories that led to success.

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